I m a Spanish man who is 29 years old. I d like to spend part of my summer holidays in the Netherlands because I m interested in getting to know Dutch people s habits, their style of life, Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and so on. I m really looking forward to having a good time there. I?m interested in founding any cheap apartment or hotel. I?ll hardly ever stay in except at night because I prefer going on an outing almost all the time I spend in the Netherlands. I?d like to know how much it is the apartment or hotel from 14th to 21st of September (maybe from 14th to 28th of September but it depends on the price) and the payment conditions (In order to avoid any scams I prefer paying as soon as I get there and when the keys were given to me) and receive some photos about it, too. If you wish to ask me any other questions, don t hesitate to contact me.

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Publicado el: 04-09-2009
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