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Publicado el: 26-07-2019
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Danube Delta
La Pampa
Great Britain
3 500 000.00 $


A company which owns 736 ha(1.819 acres) of fish ponds in concession contract for 45 years ( 2007-2052 ) located in the extraordinary Danube Delta that flows into the Black Sea , situated in SE Europe in Romania, with excellent tourism potential but also fisheries and agriculture, looking for an investor, developer or associate.

We also offer a 10% commission if you recommend a potential buyer.
Our company has: property contract representing fixed assets such as building hydro dams with a width of 10-20 m and a length of 13 km surround channels and surf fishing of various widths and the same length which in turn surrounds the reed platform of around 650 hectares.

A unique tourism project in Europe which consists in building a tourist all-inclusive resort with 1000 beds in floating house
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