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Aliq Samia
La Rioja
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Yamaha TYROS4 61-Key Arranger Keyboard – Features:

* Compact and Lightweight. The 61-key workstation is fairly lightweight and compact, making it easy to take on the road or store in a studio.
* Super Articulation. Super Articulation Voices give you a level of expressive realism you've never experienced before in a keyboard. The Choir Voices sound remarkably human and respond expressively to your control, while wind and brass instruments feature natural legato and staccato expression and let you easily use performance effects such as vibrato, pitch bend and glissando
* Enhanced Voices. The Tyros4 provides 993 dynamic, realistic Voices, giving you instant access to virtually every instrument in the real world. In addition to the Super Articulation Voices, Live!, Cool! and Sweet! Voice categories feature exceptionally realistic acoustic and electronic instrument sounds. Special Mega Voices deliver enhanced realism and expression in Song data and MIDI recording applications. Moreover, there's an Organ Flutes section that lets you use the nine panel sliders to instantly adjust the individual flute footages. And for the final touch, a comprehensive set of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) effects let you enhance the sound in a variety of ways (with reverb, chorus or EQ).
* Professional Keyboard Action. The professional FSX keyboard action is smooth, fast, and responsive. It is also equipped with initial touch and after touch for a dynamic response that responds to the strength at which you play the keys - just like an acoustic piano.
* MegaVoice Technology. Eighteen velocity-sensitive MegaVoices are included for realistic instrumentation of your MIDI recordings. Each voice offers a range of sounds, which are expressed depending on the velocity at which keys are played.

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